Configurable Smart Contracts

Pactum aims to accelerate the global adoption of Ethereum through our CSCs (Configurable Smart Contracts)

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Pactum aims to accelerate the global adoption of Ethereum
through Configurable Smart Contracts (CSC)

Conceptual Mockup
Conceptual Mockup

Smart Contracts fronted by a great UX and GUI to enable the power of CSCs.

Pactum is a DApp that will allow users to choose from a ″library″ of Smart Contract Templates that fits their general use case. Furthermore, a user can customize the variables and conditions to fit their use case exactly as they see fit. This entails filling out an easy to use web form to customize said Smart Contract, along with automated verification and deployment to the EVM on their behalf.

No Solidity experience required!

Enabling P2P Pacts Worldwide.

Enabling Mass Adoption
  • No Coding Experience Needed
  • Leading Edge User Experience
  • P2P Agreements Worldwide
Token Holder Benefits
  • Community Proposals
  • Community Voting Power
  • Quarterly Benefits
Conceptual Mockup
1 Smart Contract Buyer | Seller Agreement  
2 pragma solidity ^0.4.11;
3 /// @title Mediated Agreement
4 contract Agreement {
5    address public m_seller;
6    address private m_buyer;
7    int private m_ethValue;
8    address private m_oracle;
10    enum State {PaymentMade, InTransit, Delivered};
12    /// Create agreement contract with a known buyer
13    function Agreement (address seller, address buyer, int cost);    
14 }



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